6KG WHOLESALE RELAXING LAVENDER Aromatherapy Mineral Bath Salts

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We are now offering our Bath Salts Wholesale for you to purchase directing from our website.

BURNING BLISS Aromatherapy Bath Salts are made from 100% natural ingredients and promise to help you soak away the cares of the day in a relaxing warm bath.

Therapeutic, Luxurious and very addictive. Our soothing and healing bath salts are the perfect way to end a long hard day.

While there are a number of bath products available at your local department store they are often overpriced and full of synthetic perfumes. Our natural bath salts are an Earth-friendly and economical way to pamper your skin and calm your mind. Our Bath Salts are made with Premium ingredients and Pure Essential Oils.

DIRECTIONS - Simply run a warm bath - not too hot as this can be draining on your body rather than relaxing, stir in 1/4 cup of Bath Salts and relax for at least 30 mins.

FRAGRANCE - A relaxing calming scent-just like a field of fresh lavender flowers.

 Packaged in a zip lock bag for you to re-package and re-sell 

INGREDIENTS: Rock salt, Himalayan salt, Epsom salt, Essential oil Lavender, 

Organic Lavender buds.