Premium Fragrance Oil

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Highly concentrated premium Fragrant oils to burn in your home in your oil burner, just add either some water or vegetable oil of any kind to your oil burner.. then add a couple or drops to the liquid and enjoy. It is very simple and you can also blend your own scents.

Our fragrance oils for burners are pure undiluted and at full strength so please be careful when using and don't overdose your burner as this can lead to you ending up disliking a certain fragrance or having fragrance overload of the senses. Moderation is the key here.

Note: Our fragrance oils are in the pure form can and may remove varnish or melt plastics. Keep out of the reach of children. These oils are like any other product when it's at it's highly concentrated form use with care and never use in concentrated form on the skin.

Perfect to use in our electric melt burners and tealight burners.